Hi Ceelies,

Romeo and Nina Botes took a huge amount of photo’s at Nationals this year.
You can now at your leisure peruse at all the photos they took and place your orders.
Photos taken from Wednesday to Saturday at SAMS 2020 

If you want a specific photo to be cropped or edited to your needs with high quality, you can notify us about the photo. Cropping/Editing will be R15.00 per photo extra but will be highest quality for printing A3+ photos.
We could also design and/or print a canvas for you with all your photos in sizes A3-A1. You will not be charged for the photos.
A3 = R175 (Design) / R820 (Design and Print)
A2 = R225 (Design) / R1280 (Design and Print)
A1 = R275 (Design) / R1950 (Design and Print)
Thank you
Romeo & Nina